Moving past impossible and into “I’m Possible”

You have no idea how many Dreamers I encounter each month.

Last week I addressed a group of young ladies at a Teen Summit hosted by the In Her Shoes Foundation. It was an awesome event.


The ladies who attended my Creating Consistent Revenue workshop are busy making things happen. They are clear on the WHY for creating their businesses and advancing their careers.

I connect with people of all levels on a regular basis and we discuss our challenges and our success.


Why do so many people stop short of their dreams? Regardless of the excuses the real reason is fear.

Fear can be convenient. Take me for example, I hate bugs and when I see one and my hubby is around I am hopping on furniture. If he’s not there, it’s dead and flushed without batting an eye.

Fear is not fatal; it’s just a state of being. You feel hot, you feel cold, you feel hungry, you feel afraid.


This week, make time for you. Take one hour per day to reflect on what you really want to make happen in your life, career or business. And commit to it.

Decide the one most important thing that needs to be done this week to move you forward. It doesn’t have to be huge. Envision yourself getting it done in a way that really works, feels good, and is fun.

Set clear intentions for the activities of your day and your week

When will I do it? __________________________________________
What must I do? ___________________________________________
What’s the outcome I want? ___________________________________

How do I want to feel about getting this accomplished?___________________________

Reducing these actions to writing makes the small and oh so manageable.