Change Your Habits and Your Business Will Change

One of the areas most entrepreneurs fall short in is what I call “consistent action.” Consistent action means daily, weekly or monthly activities that move your business forward. If you’re not doing something regularly to advance your business, it will show on your bottom line. You may not be hearing what I’m telling you if you’re stuck in your excuses or focused on your distractions.

I am speaking to you if you’re ready to accelerate your income. That’s why I created, Income Acceleration Day — it’s a one-day event I’m hosting in ten cities across the country. I’ve designed this exclusive group coaching intensive for 15 CEOs, entrepreneurial leaders, coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants who are ready to step into your next level of financial success.

Yes, it requires consistent action and focus on the right areas; mindset mastery, marketing messaging and sales scripting. I want you to walk away with the right tools, resources, and strategies that will accelerate your profits. It’s not about cookie-cutter approaches. Rather, it’s about finding the right strategy that makes a difference in your business and ultimately your bottom line.

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I’m Wendy Y. Bailey and I’ve been serving coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants — just like you — for more than fourteen years. They don’t call me Your Income Acceleration Mentor for nothing. It’s because I’m a BEAST at doubling, tripling, quadrupling and even quintupling your income. I’ve done it multiple times and I want to see the same for you!

Join me for Income Acceleration Day happening in a city near you. It’s time for you to get into consistent action so you can grow your business to the next level of financial success. I’ll see you there!

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About the Author:

Called a “Force of Nature” and trendsetter in the coaching industry because of her fearless approach to innovation, Wendy Y. Bailey has been supporting entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants as well as emerging thought leaders, for fourteen years. She is a sought-after coach and sales speaker for her fierce and dynamic dedication to inspiring individuals, groups and organizations to create extraordinary results. Affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and colleagues, she is an internationally known thought leader and has made a global impact in the world of coaching as an innovative CEO and mentor coach across the US and in countries like the UK and Italy.