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Who’s the boss of your business

Who’s in charge…you or your business? I love that question! Last week in the “Creating Consistent Revenue WORKshop”, we discussed creating your lifestyle business. In other words, building your business around your life…rather than trying to live your life around your business. But how can I make money is a question I often get following…

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Progress is only the beginning

Have you ever lost your way? Success is a journey, not a destination. That is why I strive to make each step count. Progress is only the beginning of that journey. A positive attitude has always helped to move me forward even when I could see no path. You know my story. When I was…

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Why those who rely solely on lead generation and promotional strategies often end up feeling frustrated

Do you like Makeovers? Because I’ve got one for you. Uh… yes, you’re definitely in the right place. We’re here to uncover strategies to help you attract more clients to your business. If your business is stalling in lift-off or growth, stop trying to force things that you already know are not working. Before you…

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My clients come to me when they need money

Where Is the $$ going to come from? If you have worked with me before, you know that people come to me when they need money. They have done all they can (or think that) and have almost exhausted their resources. But they are strong enough keep advancing! It’s a New Year, but many of you…

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Happy New Year and Happy New YOU

Would I be a “Scrooge” if I said “Whew it’s over!” ? This is what happens to me over the holidays, I connect with family, re-connect with friends, catch up on emails and articles and then “IT” happens…  My mind goes into over drive with ideas, thoughts and what if’s. As I review all of…

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Happiness Comes From Love & Gratitude

Every day, people buy too much stuff, eat too much food, and waste away their hours chasing after happiness…to no avail. They may find excitement or satiation, but TRUE HAPPINESS still eludes them. You have me say repeatedly; “Don’t become a pale imitation of someone else’s idea of success”. True happiness is really inexpensive and…

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