You Lost Me @ Hello
Actionable Principles That Move You Beyond “Networking”

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Even if you don’t have a job or a product, the art of relationship marketing is one of the most valuable tools you can possess.

Most of us re-invent ourselves at least 3 times in our lives, and it is our relationships that will be our sustaining inventory.

Knowing your value, embracing your differences, your goals and creating a conversation focused on giving more than receiving sounds hard, but with these steps you will realize that the only thing that has been stopping you from having the confidence to make the connections, follow up on them and have a desirable outcome are minor shifts in your mindset, method and message.

In this digital age the art of face to face engagement is fading fast. When was the last time you sat down for a meal (even with family) and were more than 1 foot away from your electronic lifeline? This is not how to create an elevator pitch or how not to talk past the close; this is the HOW and the WHY for creating memorable impressions and developing sustaining relationship in business and life.