My clients come to me when they need money


Where Is the $$ going to come from?

If you have worked with me before, you know that people come to me when they need money.

They have done all they can (or think that) and have almost exhausted their resources.

But they are strong enough keep advancing!

It’s a New Year, but many of you are facing an old dilemma…
Show me the money!
Do you know where your next cash infusion is going to come from?
My daughter used to laugh at me when I would say Mommy’s busy right now playing “Create a check“. But, she was also the one who would run to the mailbox after school and call me to say “WE” got paid today.
As a longtime sales person, I look at my revenue at least 4 months forward and react accordingly.
I train corporate sales teams how to develop the strategies and processes they need to implement for sustainable growth.
AND I work with college students to show them how to create their self employment and professional foundations for growth…aka MONEY!