How Picky Are You?

I have a couple of questions for you.

Are you being selective in your business?  Are you getting the referrals and recommendations worthy of your time and energy?

Here’s a tip:  Your choice of clients can be as important to your business as your product or service.

You don’t want to work with “anybody / everybody /somebody,” you want the right client that will shout to the world how brilliant you are at what you do.

Here is another question.

How many training and coaching programs have you invested in, only to drop the content in the “someday” drawer? 

Recently I had conversations with two former clients. One reached out to me from across the country because she “missed our conversations” (how sweet) and shared how much she and her career had grown since we worked together over a year ago.  We had both cried when she realized her dream and relocated to warmer weather and a much fatter paycheck.  My spirit swelled with joy as she recounted what had impacted her most when we would meet for her sessions. This is what I love about my work.

Of course, there’s the flip side.  Accountability calls with clients that continue to put everything in front of what they claimed was the most important thing in the world to them.  Continuing to live in the world of “settle for.” Putting everything I poured into them in that “someday drawer.” If you think what I do is easy – it’s not. Unless you are working with someone who hands you 3rd party content they brought home from a workshop they attended and are passing it of as their own; trainers and consultants/coaches spend hours creating solutions for the people we serve long before we sit down with you. We invest in the workshops, conferences and classes you don’t have time for so we can bring you the best solutions to choose from when it comes to addressing your challenges.

This is also why most of us require new clients to have a chat with us before we decide if we can be of service.

You need to be just as selective when you are identifying your ideal client.  It’s not just about the right now money – unless you want to spend every single day out prospecting for new clients.  Your time is your most valuable resource and daily digging is far too expensive.

Remember that you need to do 3 things to grow your business:

  1. Get more clients
  2. Sell more to your existing clients
  3. Increase your flow of referrals

Selecting the RIGHT clients can make what you enjoy even sweeter!