Have You Completed Your Maintenance?

Would you drive your car every day without taking time out for routine maintenance? Just as you check your gauges, inflate your tires, and make sure you have enough gas, you should check the gauges of your business.

For example:how many events have you attended in the past month, or quarter? How many “meetings” were held after the “meet”? How many new clients did you obtain, or increased revenue have you received?

*Remember, it’s not a sales meeting if you do not ask for the sale.*

After your maintenance check is complete, can you tell where the drop offs occurred? Perhaps not enough meets or not enough meetings?

Only after you are clear on where the gaps are occurring can you begin to create the solution. Not enough meetings could mean that you are attending the wrong events or you are using poor or incomplete communication following the meet.

Meetings that do not lead to new business happen because you are not properly qualifying your prospects or you do not have a tight script.

Whether it’s your individual productivity or the whole team, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your sales engine accelerating.

Let’s work together to get you a higher level of performance. Schedule your free 30 minute call today, and we can examine your results together.

With your success in mind!