Happy New Year and Happy New YOU

Would I be a “Scrooge” if I said “Whew it’s over!” ?

This is what happens to me over the holidays, I connect with family, re-connect with friends, catch up on emails and articles and then “IT” happens…  My mind goes into over drive with ideas, thoughts and what if’s.

As I review all of this stuff I have discovered, the little voices start clamoring for attention…”Try me, no, try ME!”

If you have not learned to recognize the symptoms of shiny object syndrome…that’s how it starts.  Small.

Don’t give in.

If you have taken my ADVANCEU group coaching program, then you already have the tools you need to combat this.  Grab your planners and detail the things that must occur this year.  Any info that is not going to help you get there goes in the trash.

It’s a New Year and a New YOU
toss the habits, mindset and people that held you back last year.

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Love and Blessings…